Best Washing Machine in Pakistan Of Top Brands

Do you want to purchase the best washing machine in Pakistan? In this article, we will discuss the different types of washing machines and which one is best for you. In addition, we will provide a buyer’s guide to assist you in selecting the best washing machine in Pakistan. So whether you want a high-end model or something more affordable, we have covered almost everything. To learn more, keep reading!

Top 8 best washing machine prices in Pakistan

Washing machines Capacity Price (Rs)
7 kg
7 kg
12 kg
8.5 Kg
8.5 Kg
7 kg
9 Kg
7.5 kg

Best washing machine in Pakistan in 2024

1. Haier HWM 150-1708

best washing machine in pakistan 2

Key Specifications

Brand: Haier
Model: HWM 150-1708
Type: Fully-Automatic Top Loading
Washing Capacity: 15 Kg
Spin Speed: 2000 – 3000 rpm
Price: Rs. 69,999

2. Dawlance DWF 7200X

best washing machine in pakistan 3

Key Specifications

Brand: Dawlance
Model: DWF 7200X INV
Type: Fully-Automatic Front Loading
Washing Capacity: 7 Kg
Spin Speed: 1000 – 2000 rpm
Price: Rs. 89,000

3. Dawlance DWT 270 ES

best washing machine in pakistan 4

Key Specifications

Brand: Dawlance
Model: DWT 270 ES
Type: Fully-Automatic Top Loading
Washing Capacity: 12 Kg
Spin Speed: 1000 – 2000 rpm
Price: Rs. 55,199

4. Haier HWM 85-826

Haier HWM 85-826

Key Specifications

Brand: Haier
Model: HWM 85-826
Type: Fully-Automatic Top Loading
Washing Capacity: 8.5 Kg
Spin Speed: 1300 rpm
Price: Rs. 47,199

5. Dawlance DWT 255

Dawlance DWT 255

Key Specifications

Brand: Dawlance
Model: DWT 255
Type: Fully-Automatic Top Loading
Washing Capacity: 8.5 Kg
Spin Speed: 1000 – 2000 rpm
Price: Rs. 41,999

6. Dawlance DWF 7120

Dawlance DWF 7120

Key Specifications

Brand: Dawlance
Model: DWF 7120
Type: Fully-Automatic Front Loading
Washing Capacity: 7 Kg
Spin Speed: 1000 – 2000 rpm
Price: Rs. 79,000

7. Haier HWM 90-826

Haier HWM 90-826

Key Specifications

Brand: HWM 90-826
Model: HWM 90-826
Type: Fully-Automatic Top Loading
Washing Capacity: 9 Kg
Spin Speed: 1300 rpm
Price: Rs. 41,999

8. Haier HWM 75-AS

Haier HWM 75-AS

Key Specifications

Brand: Haier
Model: HWM 75-AS
Type: Semi-Automatic Top Loading
Washing Capacity: 7.5 Kg
Spin Speed: 1000 – 2000 rpm
Price: Rs. 22,299

What types of washing machines are there?

Depending on how the garments are introduced, washing machines can be divided into two categories. They are:

1. Top-Loading Washing Machine

Top-loading washing machines have a top cover that opens to load clothing. In these washing machines, a shorter washing cycle is usually used. They feature a really simple control panel that many people can easily utilize. Furthermore, as compared to front-loading washing machines, these types of washing machines are quite affordable. Since they have a much shorter washing cycle, the cleaning procedure is faster. Top-load washing machines are divided into two categories:

1.1 Fully-Automatic Washing Machine

This type of washing machine is preferred by many. As the name implies, it requires much less manpower than any other type of washing machine. Typically both front load and top load washing machines can be fully automatic.

In this case, the cloth is cleaned and dried in a single tub. You need to put the clothes in the tub, and the machine will clean and dry them automatically if the proper instructions are given while the lid is closed. If you only want to clean the garments, simply select the wash option, and the clothes will be clean but not dry. If you want to save money on your electricity costs, this is an excellent choice.

If you are a highly busy person who does not have enough time to clean and dry clothes, you should give preference to a fully automatic washing machine over a semi-automatic.

1.2 Semi-Automatic Washing Machine

There are two separate tubs for washing and drying clothes in the semi-automatic washing machine. If you need to dry your clothing after they have been cleaned, you will have to manually load them into the drying tub.

In addition, you will have to adjust the water level in each wash cycle and drain the water at the end. Compared to a fully automatic washing machine, a semi-automatic machine takes a long time to wash clothes. In addition, these machines consume more water and have higher electricity expenses than fully automatic washers.

2. Front-Loading Washing Machines

A front-loading washing machine has an opening in the front for loading clothes. You have to bend your body somewhat in order to load garments into such a washing machine. For some people, this can be an issue. They can be of various types:

2.1 Washer and Dryer Combo

Simply put, a Washer and Dryer Combo is a single appliance that includes both a front loading washing machine and a cloth dryer. These work similarly to a standalone washing machine. You don’t have to put your clothing in the dryer by hand once they have been washed. If your family is small and there is a lack of space in the room, a washer dryer combo may be a good option. However, if you have a large family and you have to do a lot of laundries, it might not be the best option for you.

2.2 Stackable

A stackable washer and dryer can be a perfect option if you want to get better laundry services. Here the fully functioning washer unit is placed on the bottom while the dryer is on the top of the appliance. It might be on your list of choices if you have a small area in your room. On the other hand, a stackable washer-dryer can be inconvenient if you have back or knee pain.

2.3 Portable

A portable washing machine can be a perfect appliance if you live in a tiny house or you want to install the machine in your kitchen. As the name implies, it is easy to carry portable washing machines from one place to another, and they are smaller in size than other types of washing machines. Portable washing machines are not always a good alternative to buy, but they can be excellent for some people who have limited space or just need to clean small clothes.

2.4 Integrated

Integrated washing machines are designed to fit easily with your kitchen units. These can be fully integrated, semi-integrated, or build under type. Fully integrated washing machines are completely hidden by a door when the control panel of a semi-integrated washing machine is visible.

Top Load vs. Front Load Washing Machine: Which Is Better?

When you are looking for the best washing machine in Pakistan, surely many questions are running through your mind. However, the most prevalent question is whether a front-loading washing machine or a top-loading washing machine is better for you?

Top loading washing machines usually use agitators or impellers to rub the clothes together. On the other hand, a front loading washing machine does not have an agitator, but the force of gravity rubs the clothes at the bottom of the drum.

Cleaning Comparison:

To properly wash clothes in a washing machine, you need to have a good idea of ​​three things: the amount of detergent, water temperature, and the washing method.

The front load washing machine should be kept ahead of the top load washing machine in terms of cleaning performance. A front-loading washing machine provides better cleaning functionality due to its gravity-based cleaning process that is more gentle for clothing.

Water Usage:

To clean the same amount of cloth, a top-loading washing machine requires more water than a front-loading washing machine. Front-load machines do not waste too much water due to their gravity-based washing mechanisms.

Power Consumption:

We mentioned earlier that the front load washing machines use less water when washing. As a result, they need less electricity to heat water, which significantly reduces electricity bills. In terms of energy consumption, front-load washing machines are slightly ahead of top-load machines.


As you can see from the information above, the front load washing machine beats the top load in many areas, hence the front load machine is typically more expensive.

Benefits and drawbacks of each type of washing machine

In terms of use, cost, and other factors, each type of washing machine has advantages and disadvantages.

Top Load Washing Machine


1. The body does not need to bend to load clothes.

2. Price is relatively low

3. Ergonomically friendly


1. Take more space

2. Louder and shaky

3. Use more water and electricity

Front Load Washing Machine


1. Water and energy saving

2. More gentle for clothes

3. More quiet but excellent washing performance


1. More expensive than top load washers

2. Take more space to install

3. Longer washing cycle time

Best washing machine brands in Pakistan


Dawlance is one of the largest home appliance brands in Pakistan. The company was founded in 1980 and it is a subsidiary of a Turkish company, Arçelik. Dawlance tries to introduce its consumers to more advanced technologies along with retaining its reliability.

This company started its journey with the production of refrigerators. However, as time has passed, Dawlance has expanded its product line to include washing machines, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, microwave ovens, and other small kitchen appliances.

Dawlance has experience for more than 4 decades with which they are launching products with advanced features and technology. The company tries to meet the expectation of the consumers by offering products at reasonable prices.  Dawlance produces both front and top loading washing machines with remarkable features to fulfill the needs of all consumers.


Haier is a Chinese multinational home appliances company that started its journey in 1984. It is a well-known household appliance brand that has been around for over three decades. Haier is spreading all over the world, especially in Asia with their top-notch household products.

Their main home appliances products are Refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, freezers, etc. Haier washing machines come with a variety of features that are built using the latest technology. At an affordable price, Haier offers fully automatic, semi-automatic, front load, and top load washing machines.


LG is one of the largest multinational electronic companies in the world founded in 1958 in South Korea. It is undoubtedly one of the most reliable companies in the world that manufacturers a wide range of washing machines.  LG washing machines require less maintenance but provide greater service quality. Their customer satisfaction rating is quite high all over the world.


Samsung is one of the giant companies in the world which produces a variety of products for many decades. This company is well known for its mobile phone production, although Samsung is a manufacturer of a wide range of products. Samsung washing machines are equipped with various features like Child lock, user-friendly LED display, ai-powered laundry, etc.


SurperAsia is one of the top washing machine brands in Pakistan. There are various household products of SurperAsia available in the market and the washing machine is one of them. They have a wide range of washing machines that are equipped with the latest technology, power efficiency, and quick air dryer technology.


Kenwood washing machines are also popular in Pakistan. These washing machines are reasonably priced and of long-lasting quality. Kenwood offers both semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines.


Panasonic is one of the world’s top rivals in the kitchen and home appliance industry. It offers a diverse range of consumer products to meet people’s everyday needs. Panasonic manufacturers various products among them washing machines are very popular. So undoubtedly, Panasonic is one of the best washing machine brands in Pakistan. Panasonic washing machines come with various stunning features such as a power wash system, fully touch user panels, hexa cube drum, etc.

How to choose the best washing machine in Pakistan

1. Washing Capacity:

The first thing you should take into account for purchasing the best washing machine in Pakistan is the capacity of the washing machine. Now the question is: what is washing capacity? A washing machine’s capacity means the amount of cloth that a machine can wash at once. The washing machine size or capacity is expressed in kilograms. You should determine the size of the machine according to the number of members in your family. However, many times the difference in the fabric may be taken into account. Some clothes are much larger in size but weigh less, while some are smaller in size but weigh more. However, it is not so important.

But, you must take into account the size of your family. For a family of 4-5 persons, we think a washing machine with a capacity of 7-8 kg is sufficient. If you have a washing machine of low capacity, but you don’t mind washing your clothes more than once, then the size may not be a big issue.

2. Eco-friendly

Many manufacturers are already releasing eco-friendly washing machines, although their initial price may seem high to you. However, keep in mind that the cost of buying a washing machine is not the only thing to consider. Every time you clean clothes, you will have to pay for water, detergent, and electricity. And, most importantly, an eco-friendly washing machine is far superior to a non-eco-friendly washing machine in the long run. So, when looking for the best washing machine in Pakistan, don’t overlook the eco-friendly option.

3. Drum material

Nowadays, a variety of materials are used to make washing machine drums or tubs, such as plastic, stainless steel, or porcelain enamel. Each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. For example, if the drum is made of plastic, it will normally weigh less, so it will be easier to move. On the other hand, if you want a washing machine that will last a long time, stainless steel is the way to go because it can resist high spin rates.

4. Spin Speed

The spin speed is solely for the purpose of drying clothes. RPM, or revolutions per minute, is the unit of measurement of spin speed. A washing machine with a faster spin speed will dry clothing faster than one with a slower spin speed. However, depending on the sort of cloth you are washing, you should choose the appropriate spin speed. Excessive spin speeds can be violent for some fabrics because they cannot withstand such speeds.

5. Temperature control

Temperature control allows you to regulate the temperature of the water. You may be aware that hot water is more effective at cleaning clothes than cold water. The automatic temperature controller allows you to choose the ideal temperature for your clothing to be washed perfectly.

6. Noise or Vibration

No one enjoys a device that makes a lot of noise. If you have a small child at home or need to clean clothes late at night, the sound level is critical. Even if the washing machine is placed in the bathroom or kitchen, the noise can be bothersome.

However, if you have a separate laundry room, then nuisance may not be an issue. However, nowadays many washing machines have come out which make much less noise during the washing cycle. So we would definitely recommend you to buy the lowest noise-producing washing machine.

7. Price

Nowadays, various types of electronic items such as washing machines have a plethora of additional capabilities that you may not require. As a result, you should avoid purchasing items that are beyond your basic requirements. So you can make a list of what you need according to your budget and choose the most perfect washing machine for your family.

8. Warranty

Finally, try to purchase the washing machine that comes with a longer warranty period. Undoubtedly, this will give a tension-free use of your newly purchased washing machine. You must take advantage of the warranty period if your washing machine is troubling to wash your clothes.

Safety recommendations for your washing machine

Sometimes, a front-loading washing machine can be dangerous if you have very young children in the family. If you have a child under the age of five in your home, you must exercise caution when using a front-loading washing machine.

When young children see the clothes being rolled in their front-loading washing machine, a curiosity naturally arises in their minds about this. Kids also like to play with water and it is difficult for kids to understand that water is used to clean clothes in a washing machine which is not a plaything.

So always keep the door of your laundry room closed and prevent your child from playing in it. There are currently a number of washing machines that have a child lock feature that prevents the washing machine from opening or preventing the machine from starting. So if your washing machine has a child lock feature, learn how to use it.

FAQs about the best washing machine in Pakistan

Here are some FAQs and their answers about best washing machine in Pakistan.

Q. What factors should you consider while buying the best washing machine in Pakistan?

There are many more factors to think about before buying the best washing machine in Pakistan. Some are less crucial, while others are vital. You must consider the capacity, type, and brand of washing machine within your budget to make a good purchase.

Q. Which should you buy: a fully automatic or semi-automatic washing machine?

Even though a fully automatic washing machine consumes more water, its cleaning quality is better than that of a semi-automatic washing machine. Also, using a semi-automatic washing machine is more of a hassle because you need to be present during the entire washing cycle. On the other hand, fully automatic washing machines are less time-consuming, and you don’t have to be present there during the wash cycle. So it is not wise to think about semi-automatic washing machines if you have an adequate budget.

Q. Which washing machine brand is Pakistani?

Dawlance, Super Asia, and PEL are some of the popular Pakistani brands that offer various products including washing machines.

Final thoughts on best washing machine in Pakistan

This is all about the best washing machine in Pakistan. We have tried to provide you with all the information you need to choose the perfect machine for your needs. From features to ratings, we have tried to cover everything you need to know to make an informed decision. We hope you will find the best washing machine in Pakistan within your budget from our suggestions. You can purchase the washing machine that appeals to you by using the links provided in this article.